Amara View Interactive Video Campaign

To capitalize on what sets the Amara View mask apart in the market, a consumer-centered concept was developed to engage users and educate potential patients.

This lighthearted video campaign features Jack, an average mild-mannered guy who suffers from painful red marks on the bridge of his nose until he finds Amara View. His friends and family frequently offer far-fetched theories about what happened to his face.

Using a GoPro Hero 4, we get to see Jack’s point of view as he reenacts some of these scenarios. Interaction and humor, sometimes painful humor, is behind this B2C video campaign.

As art director and part of the concept team, I consulted on script development and ensured that the brand voice was executed properly and photographic standards were met.

During the initial eblast campaign that started with the first video in a series of three, the average time visitors spent with the video was 2 minutes and 20 seconds. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the industry average time earned with Custom Interactive video is 34.2 seconds. 95% of those who engaged watched the full introduction. On average, each episode was watched by 23% of all viewers, showing that those who chose to engage remained persistent through the experience. 60% of all viewers watched the ending “outro” - again, showing persistence.

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Client: Philips Respironics
Agency: Think Communications, Inc.
Role: Art Director
Director: Harry Giglio