Dream Family Product Launch


Philips Respironics conducted user trials with nearly 700 patients and insights were pulled from sleep doctors in four countries to create the Dream Family, an innovative sleep apnea solution that helps patients get the sleep they need.

In preparation of the launch for this revolutionary line of products, Philips Respironics needed both consumer- and business-facing marketing materials to enter the market strongly.

During the first step in this initiative, I developed the concept for their library of aspirational lifestyle photography and then served as its artistic director.


As lead designer, I designed brochures, print ads, banner ads, email newsletters, point-of-purchase displays and trade show graphics.

In addition to the marketing materials, an interactive initiative was taken at a local Pittsburgh mall to get first reactions to the DreamWear mask. Participants were first shown a different mask and asked to talk about their impressions of it before being introduced to the new DreamWear mask. A screening of participants for general knowledge of sleep apnea proved to be valuable, as the descriptions and reactions were genuine and informative.

‚ÄčThese reactions from over 50 participants were recorded and cut into 15- and 30-second video advertisements. As art director, I ensured that the brand voice was executed properly and photographic standards were met.

Client: Philips Respironics
Agency: Think Communications, Inc.
Role: Art Director/Lead Designer
Lifestyle photography: Tom Cwenar 
Mall Intercept Video Producer/Editor: Kelli Rau